Hanthana Linux Launched

After what was more than a year of trials and experiments, Hanthana Linux completed its first phase recently. Now Hanthana Linux is available for everyone to download from the Internet. Those we are unable to download can request physical media from the Hanthana Community Media Contributors.

What is Hanthana? Who is it for?

Hanthana is a remix of the popular Linux distribution Fedora. Hanthana was built with the aim of easily fulfilling the needs of people who don’t have consistent Internet facilities, people with minimal computer experience, school students and teachers alike.

Hanthana include all the software, services and facilities you get from the standards Fedora system. In addition, Hanthana includes a number of software to cater your office, educational, multimedia and graphics needs. You can try all of these great features even before you install by using the Hanthana Live CD for generic PCs. Just pop the Hanthana Live CD in the tray, boot your system and enjoy.

Apart from the excellent set of features inherited from Fedora, Hanthana ships with a load of multimedia codecs. So MP3, other media types and VCD/DVD playback just works without any additional configuration. In short Hanthana will just work for all of your office, educational, multimedia, graphic and entertainment software needs!

The default desktop environment of Hanthana is the lightweight XFCE. This means that Hanthana will run well even in your under powered, old computers.

Better than all, Hanthana is brought to you free of charge and without any license restrictions. So you are free to share and redistribute Hanthana as much as you like. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

Hanthana Community

The Hanthana Linux Operating System is a 100% community based production. It’s main strength is the community who generously contribute their time and efforts in technical, documenting, artwork effort and in a lot of other ways. You are always welcome not only to use and benefit from Hanthana Linux, but also to join the community and be a part!

When you need any help with Hanthana Linux, support of only a click away. You can ask for help in the forum or join the chat at IRC channel #hanthana.

To learn more information about Hanthana and the community head on to the main web site now.