Hanthana Linux 14.5 is released!

Latest version of Hanthana Linux operating system, a milestone of the project, was officially released today, 10th January, 2011. The first awareness session regarding the release was successfully conducted at the headquarters of Police, Colombo with the precedence of Mr. W.F.U. Fernando, deputy of Police of the Information Technology Division.

Get Hanthana 14.5 today!

This release is a DVD version facilitating the users with a number of applications by default.  The applications inside the DVD will serve you with your office, graphics, multimedia, education, financial, electronics, games and computer programming needs. The capabilities of these software range from simple unit conversions to advanced system security systems and system management applications.

It is notable that documentation like installation guide and FAQ are already included in the Desktop for the convenience of the newbies. This documentation is also viewable via the Firefox web browser.

New features

Most featured and popular applications for audio and video editing such as Audacity, Pitivi, Me TV, RecordMyDesktop are included.

GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, Shotwell, Scribus, 2D CAD and QCad are there for graphics, photography and for other digital creations.

gPodder is there for you to download and manage your favourite podcasts.

For the convenience of the users Skype comes by default while TeamViewer will support you to control systems in remote making you life easy with remote desktop and remote system management needs.

For web development there is mysql database server, apache php and phpmyadmin included. IDEs such as Kompozer and Geany and NFS (Network File Sharing) will ensure that your work will be done with ease.

Not only the Firewall [1] but also SELinux [2] will safeguard your system from acts such as unauthorized access.

Hanthana Linux Screenshots

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