Girls of Southlands College join Hanthana Community

Latest release of Hanthana Linux (Gagana – 14.5) was introduced to the public at the educational exhibition conducted to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Southlands College, Galle. Students of the IT unit of the college successfully carried out the stall and had delivered more than 300 DVDs free of charge among the visitors.

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Students, employees from both government and private sector, foreigners were among the visitors. It is notable that Mr. Helmer, one of the Dutch visited the stall the very first day, stated that he will ship 8 computers with Hanthana Linux installed to a school in Sri Lanka.

The ten presenters (college girls) at the stall who had no prior experience with Hanthan Linux were armed with the required knowledge in a one day workshop conducted by the Hanthana Linux team. It should be mentioned that they did their best to spread the word of freedom among the visitors.

A school making the public aware of Free and Open Source Software and Hanthana Linux adds more and more strength to the Hanthana Linux community.

We, the Hanthana Linux team, pay our sincere thanks to teachers and students of the IT unit of Southlands College for their commitment to make this event happen. May they have strength and courage to conduct similar events successfully in future!

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