Minister of Education admires

Hanthana Linux was introduced by the Information Technology Unit of the Department of Education at the education and development exhibition, Dayata Kirula 2011, which was held in Buttala for seven consecutive days from the 4th of February. The Chief of The Information Technology Unit, Director of Education, Mr. Niel Gunadasa explained to Hon. Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardena, how the Hanthana Linux operating system is useful for education purposes, .


Senior Advisor of The Education Ministry, Ven. Oomare Kassapa thero, who was engaged in a long discussion with the Assistant Director of Education Mr. M.D.R. Amaranayake, about the need of free and open source software, also said that attention should be paid to this project.

This exhibition stall was organized by the Information Technology Unit of the Department of Education. There were many valuable exhibits useful for students and teachers including the OLPC laptop (One Laptop Per Child), which is provided by the said unit to primary school children, interactive white-board, a collection of computer hardware as well as a wireless network.

Folks from many fields such as education, engineering, agriculture, marine and management were very enthusiastic about Hanthana Linux. It was also interesting to see some people visiting for the second day as well, with their friends who doesn’t know about Hanthana Linux, to introduce it.

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Hanthana Linux 14.5.2 was distributed in this exhibition stall.

In addition to this, a hands on program for the IT teachers of the Buttala and Monaragala education zones is also planned to be held on a future date.

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  1. Of course many people in rural areas may not even know about operating systems or any other things.

    I think we should begin inject thinking in Linux (Hanthana) from the people who do not know anything at all.

    So when the big companies like Microsoft comes into play, we have the element of surprise because the people know that there are OS’s which are free and do the work much better than their’s.

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