Entering its 3rd year, the latest release : Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is available now!

Project began with the goals of Introducing and promoting Free and Open Source Software to the masses, especially to those with low technical knowledge, no access to the Internet or under privileged, and has now been deployed in a lot of schools, individuals, private sector offices, public sector institutes and government offices.

Hanthana Linux operating system was officially released on the 19th of September 2009 and by now the the number of copies distributed by the Hanthana Linux Project and individuals has counted up to the thousands. According to the SourceForge website, just one of the repositories that provides the distribution, there’s over 6000 downloads from all over the world. From those, at least 8 countries (excluding Sri Lanka) has downloaded a minimum of 100 copies and atleast 96 countries has at least one download.


This information excludes the local repository, LEARN, which is used by Sri Lankans as well as the Ibiblio repository.

The School Labs project which was inaugurated in 2012 by the Hanthana Linux project has already facilitated labs to 2 schools already and is planned to provide for more schools.

Schools in the Walapane educational zone of the Nuwara Eliya district and in the Kebithigollewa educational zone of the Anuradhapura district are next in this project and you too can join this project in facilitating IT knowledge to underprivileged school children in these areas.

Hanthana Linux is not just another Fedora respin. As a project it facilitates the deployment of Free and Open source Software amongst the everyday PC user as well as the localization of FOSS software,Documentation and provide training workshops as well.

Hanthana Linux is not a commercial product. Its a project for the betterment of the community by the community.

Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is released!

Hanthana Linux 17 (sithija), the latest release of Hanthana was released on the 3rd anniversary of the Hanthana Linux project. In addition to the host of applications, the new release has the official LibreOffice guide provided by the Document Foundation.
Get your copy of Hanthana Linux 17 today!

The Hanthana Linux project takes this moment to give our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who worked for the project as well as everyone who sent the project their best wishes. Thank You.

13 thoughts on “Entering its 3rd year, the latest release : Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is available now!

  1. Hope the Hanthana project has inlcuded software for working in Sinhala (unicode). In this page, no mention has been made about language support. Being an Ubuntu user, recently I have been deprived of using Sinhala language because LK-LUG font is no longer working in Ubuntu. Whereas Windows users have the convenience of downloading or installing Sinhala Unicode for Windows, Linux users do not have that facility.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Hanthana Linux support for many languages including Sinhala and Tamil.
    the Language support is not a new thing for Hanthana Linux. :)

  3. Asoka, Ubuntu works with LK-LUG and automatically finds Sinhala and Tamil fonts, just check your Firefox browser. If nothing helps you, you could use http://www.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk/ltrl/services/feconverter/ to write anything in Sinhala. You can copy and paste later.

    Danishka, if you want your disto to be dowloaded by lot of people in the West, bring it down to 1-1,2 GB, better less than 1 GB. No one is going to try to download such a large file, as bandwith is expensive, not like in Lanka. Anyway, your distro uses Fedora repos, you don’t need to add so many apps and docs. The users are against Gnome-shell–Linus Thorvald too–it is better to give Gnome-classic or Cinnamon. Also, you must have 32 and 64 bit isos, for everyone to hook on. I tried to download yours, but let it go as I won’t be keeping the comp on for days and not knowing, whether it would finally be ready.

    I downloaded Fedora 17 within 3 hours and of course had to add many apps. for a 700MB iso, Fedora 17 is pretty meager share of apps. The other problem is that Fedora is fixed from one release to the other, not like Ubuntu, not saying anything about Arch or Gentoo.

    I wish you best of luck and hope you’d cut the distro down to 1 Gig and release 32 and 64 bits at the same time, which would make it very professional. Take care!

  4. Yes, I agree with the download size. We will reloease LiveCD within next few days. And we do maintain both 32bit and 64bit editions but i had a resource problem to build Hanthana 17 64bit edition.

    Regarding the Gnome shell, the Hanthana LiveCD won’t ship with Gnome shell but the exact one Linus Thorvald use. 😉

    I highly appreciate your comments and warmly welcome all of suggestions and also please do not hesitate to join with us to help to the community. :)

  5. Concerning size of iso: I would like the possibility to choose between several iso-sizes – e.g. an iso for a cd, another iso to fit a 1 MB usb flash disk, and yet another to fit a 4 MB usb flash disk, and so on :)

  6. What is the DE Linus uses? Your screenshot looks like Gnome-shell with Activities, time & date in the middle, etc.

  7. Is LXDE Linus uses? I didn’t know that. Good luck with the Live CD. Some guys like XFCE too. If you’d like to give them Compiz eye-candy, you have to give Gnome-Classic. Wish you all the best!

  8. Guys,

    Do you need Firefox by default on the LiveCD or what if we drop Firefox and save 27MB of space. We can add icedtea-web?
    Name : icedtea-web
    Size : 660 k
    Summary : Additional Java components for OpenJDK
    URL : http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/IcedTea-Web
    Description : The IcedTea-Web project provides a Java web browser plugin, an implementation of Java Web Start (originally based on the Netx project) and a settings tool to manage deployment settings for the aforementioned plugin and Web Start implementations.

  9. If you want people to download the live CD, you have to give either Chromium/Chrome or Firefox. Maybe some might like Midori as Bodhi does, but that is very rare. Java plugins are not very safe either.

    The lack of space is one big problem of Fedora, the 645 MB CD doesn’t have much, not even LibreOffice. If you are thinking of giving Abiword and Gnumeric, it is not worth as LO is the standard now.

  10. The download size is fine, as far as I’m concerned. Takes an hour, you get a bunch of stuff. No limits here on my data for home internet here in.. Indiana, USA :)

    Thanks for all you’ve done with this distro! I love the picture of the kids!

  11. @Marck thanks for the comment.
    Let us know if you found some who willing to help this kind of kids in financially deprecated school. We need helping hands. :)

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