Feel the freedom with Hanthana Linux @ Deyatakirula 2012

Hanthana Linux team, with the collaboration of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, is about to a conduct an awareness event on Free and Open Source Software and Hanthana Linux on 7th and 8th of February at “Deyata Kirula 2012” Education and Trade exhibition which is held at Oyamaduwa, Anuradhapura in line with the 64th Independence Day. Lectures series which 100 people can participate at a time, opportunity to use free and open source software installed on computers and people will get the chance to get their queries answered.

Following topics will be covered in lecture series.

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Free and Open Source Software for education
  • Hanthana Linux project
  • Contribution for Free and Open Source Software
  • Free and Open Source Software launched and sponsored by ICTA

Get to know about Free and Open Source Software, visit ICTA stall at Deyata Kitula exhibition premises on 7th and 8th of February. Please be kind enough to spread the word to teachers and students of North Central Provincial area as well as to other who wish to visit the exhibition.

Apart from that Information Technology Unit of the Ministry of Education is about to conduct a awareness session of Free and Open Source Software in their stall.

For Deyata Kirula, Hanthana Linux 15.5 was released and ICTA has made arrangements to deliver a copy of the operating system for those who need at the exhibition premises. Visit this link to get the latest version. Danishka, Bandula, Kalhara and Hiranya  representing Hanthana Team will assist you in Deyata Kirula exhibition premises.

Hanthana Linux 15 Released !

The latest release of Hanthana Linux, Hanthana Linux 15 was released!. This marks the fifth release of Hanthana Linux project. First release was on 19th September 2009 in parallel with Software Freedom Day celebrations.


It is the strong community around Hanthana Linux Project that enabled us to release the fifth consecutive release. Hanthana 14 (Gagana) is used in more than 15 schools (more than 500 computers) in the island and one being a primary school is of importance. Further, the computer laboratory with 80 computers at Ruwanpura National College of Education is facilitated with Hanthana Linux.

Active forum for Hanthana Linux community and the recently released Hanthana Community Magazine play a major role in penetrating information and knowledge to the community. More than 2000 Hanthana Linux DVDs have being deployed around the island and more than 1000 have participated in practical training sessions and workshops. More than 25 computers in several departments of the National Institute of Education are installed with Hanthana Linux and 5 teams have successfully completed their practical training. Further, three days training session was conducted at the Sri Lanka Navy base for 35 naval employees rated to IT with the aim of training them to do day to day activities as well as software development using Hanthana Linux.

Introducing Hanthana Linux to Mr. Bandula Gunawardane, Minister of Education byMr.Neel Gunadasa, Director of ICT, Ministry of Education and Mr. Bandula Pushpakumara, member of the school hardware team at Deyata Kirula exhibition 2011.

ICT Branch of Ministry of Education introduced Hanthana Linux to the public at the Deyata Kitula 2011 exhibition at Monaragala and at the educational exhibitions at Southlands College and information technology exhibition at Ruwanpura National Institute of Education (around 500 copies were distributed), public were allowed to use Hanthana Linux on the site and educated. Dheeranandha Nanasala took the initiative as the first Nanasala to introduce Hanthana Linux to rural areas.

Students of Sri Piyarathana Madya Maha Vidyalaya, Gonigoda using Hanthana Linux for their school activities...

Teachers in the Hanthana community are so advanced that they conduct practical training sessions not only for their students but also to fellow teachers including the principal. Sri Piyarathana Madya Maha Vidyalaya, Gonigoda of Katogasthota Educational Zone is the best example.

We recall with great respect the opportunity of having a stall for free at IFO+ exhibition by the School of Computing University of Colombo and at the exhibition by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna to spread the word among public. Further, we recall with great respect, the Ministry of Education, using Hanthana Linux in school computer laboratories when they first served schools with free and open source software.

Bundling of recently introduced Gnome 3 is special in Hanthana 15.  As you know Hanthana Linux is based on Fedora and Hanthana Linux 15 is based on Fedora 15. But several enhancements than Fedora have been introduced in using the desktop, places menu, ability to shutdown without any additional key strokes, ability to use themes by default are some of them. With this release a user guide for the desktop and a keyboard layout for Tamil introduced by ICTAare included.

We are happy to announce that Hanthana Linux project was appreciated at the recently held e-swarnabimani award ceremony.

Community pays respect for you who supported us with dedication even among many difficulties.

To build a linux system is an easy task, but to maintain it and to build a community around is a great challenge. With each and every challenge we had and have, we grow stronger and we keep moving forward!…

Hanthana Linux project may merely viewed as an operating system, but it is really a project of empowering the community. This enables the members of the community to improve their knowledge and skills by contributing back to the project via the elements which are for the betterment of the community themselves.

We have proved that information technology experts as well as the ordinary public of the country can contribute to information technology services. The default wallpaper of Hanthana 14 (Gagana) was from a professional photographer of Sri Lanka, a teacher serving as a physical education instructor (PEI) in a school represented Hanthana Linux at the recently held information technology exhibition at Karandeniya Madya Maha Vidyalaya. He was merely a Hanthana Linux user some time back but now, he not only represent Hanthana Linux at community workshops but also writes technical articles. Although they do not get any proper recognition for their skills and knowledge at their service places, in community services, recognition and social praise is unavoidable.

Users of Hanthana Linux project which is with the sole aim of the betterment of the community, range from a grade one student to  adults.

Hanthana Linux project cerebrates it's second birthday at Wallandura Ruwanpura National Institute of Education premises on 17th September 2010

The next release of Hanthana Linux, Hanthana Linux 16 (Dharani) is scheduled to be released in 2012.

To conclude… Our aim is to educate people in the country about free and open source software and increase their usage. We are happy to announce that we hope to improve on this purpose in the year 2012.



Hanthana Linux first release – from Sirasa news first (20th September 2009 7.00PM)


Sunday Times article


හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් ඉ-සඟරාව “Freedom+” නිකුත් වෙයි

හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතිය නිකුත් වී මේ වන විට ගතව ඇත්තේ වසර දෙකක් වැනි ඉතා කෙටි කාලයකි. එම කාලය තුල බොහෝ පරිශීලකයින් පිරිසක් අතරට යාමට හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් සමත් විය. මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතියක් නිකුත් කිරීමෙන් පමණක් නොනැවතුණු හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් එය පරිශීලනය කරන්නන් සඳහා තවත් සේවාවන් සමූහයක් එක් කිරීමට සමත් විය. හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් වෙබ් අඩවිය, හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් පුහුණු වැඩසටහන්, හන්තාන පරිශීලක සමූහය (User Group/Forum ), පුවත් සමූහය (News Group) ආදිය ඒ සඳහා උදාහරණ වෙයි. මේ හරහා නව දැනුම ලබා දීම මෙන්ම පරිශීලකයින්ට ඇතිවන ගැටළු නිරාකරණය කර ගැනීමට මහත් රුකුලක් විය.


එයින් නොනැවතුණු හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් කණ්ඩායම විවෘත කේත මෘදුකාංග (FOSS) භාවිතා කරන්නන් වෙනුවෙන් නිකුත් කරන ඉ-සඟරාවක් “Freedom+” නමින් එළි දැක්වීමට පසුගියදා සමත් විය. අලුතින්ම ලිනක්ස් භාවිතා කිරීමට එක්වූ අයට හා දැනටමත් ලිනක්ස් භාවිතා කරන අයට වැදගත් වන ලිපි රාශියකින් Freedom+ සමන්විත වෙයි. FOSS පිළිබඳ හදාරන අයටද පාසැල් සිසුන්ට, ගුරුවරුන්ට, වෘත්තිකයින්ට, මෙන්ම බාල මහලු වැඩිහිටි කොයි කාටත් එකසේ වැදගත් වන සාර සංග්‍රහයක් ලෙස Freedom+ හදුන්වා දුන හොත් නිවැරදි ය. සිංහල, දෙමළ ඉංග්‍රීසි යන භාෂා තුනෙන්ම ලිපි පළවීම මෙහි ඇති තවත් විශේෂයකි. කෙසේ නමුත් Freedom+ යනු හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් යන දැවැන්ත සමාජ ව්‍යාපෘතියේ එක් අංගයක් පමණි. සෑම සමාජ ව්‍යාපෘතියකම මෙන්ම මෙම ව්‍යාපෘතිය ද සිදු කරනු ලබන්නේ ආර්ථික ලාභ අපේක්ෂාවෙන් තොරවය. මේ සඳහා දායක වන සැම දෙනාම එවැනි මහා සත්කාරයක කොටස් කරුවෝය. ඔබටද මේ සඳහා විවිධ අයුරින් දායකත්වය සපයා දිය හැකිය. සඟරාව සදහා ලිපි ලබාදීම, සඟරාව සැකසීමට දායක වීමත් හා එය බෙදාහැරීමට දායක වීමත් ආදියෙනි. ඔබට අද Freedom+ කියවීමට අවස්ථාව ලැබුණ හොත් හෙට දිනයේදී තවත් පාඨක පිරිසක් වෙත එය ගෙනයාවි යැයි හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් කණ්ඩායම බලාපොරොත්තු වෙයි. එසේම මෙම ඉ සඟරාව ත්‍රෛයිමාසිකව ඔබ අතට පතත් කිරීමටද හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් කණ්ඩායම සැලසුම් කර ඇත. Freedom+ පිළිබඳ ඔබගේ අදහස් ඒ සඳහා ඉතා ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වන අතර ඔබගේ නිර්ව්‍යාජ අදහස් feedback AT hanthana DOT org යන විද්‍යුත් ලිපිනයට යොමු කිරීමට කාරුණික වන ලෙස ඉල්ලමු.

මෙතැනින් Freedom+ නොමිලේ ලබා ගන්න.

Freedom+ සඟරාව වෙත ඔබටත් ලිපි ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමට හැකියාව ඇත. ඒ සඳහා info AT hanthana DOT org විද්‍යුත් ලිපිනයට ලිවීමට කාරුණික වන්න. තවද සෝදුපත් බැලීම සහ ලිපි පරිවර්තනය කටයුතු සඳහා ද දායක විය හැක.

හන්තාන ප්‍රජා සඟරාවේ සියලු නිර්මාණ කටයුතු ලිෂාන් පුවක්ඔවිට විසින් සිදු කරන ලදි.

Hanthana Linux workshop @ NCOE, Dharga Town

A two day Hanthana Linux awareness program was held at National College of Education (NCOE) – Dargatown, Aluthgama on the 11th and 23rd of February, 2011. Twenty students (trainee teachers) from Jaffna, Ampara, Batticaloa, and Dharga Town as well as from the National College of Education itself and several teachers of these students participated in the program.

This program was especial because this was the very first such program conducted for the Tamil medium students (trainee teachers).

In this program more focus was on introducing Linux, installation, using office packages and software development. Creating C++ programs and Java, HTML web pages on Linux and using the Apache web server, which is very popular in the world was discussed. Other than that, network management and user management was also thought in the program.

On day one there were two teachers in the staff that inquired about the content to be thought on day two. They self studied the content such as MySQL and enthusiastically thought the students these topics.

Rizkhan, who organized the event and Ms. Asuka Tomiyama who is a representative of the JICA institute that provides service to the National College of Education were present Throughout the program and provided invaluable help. Due to this and the enthusiasm of teachers and students alike, it was possible to cover a wide range of topics in this program.

At the end of the program, Rizkhan Basheer gave an assignment for the student which will help them gaining further knowledge of the subject matter presented on the two days. These students are supposed to attain residential training in 2012 and receive appointments to teach in schools in 2013 and there is lot of hope that they will spread the message and knowledge of free and Open Source software in remote areas of Jaffna, Batikaloa, Ampara and Ptlam. At the end of the progam we were invited to conduct programs on free and open source software (FOSS) in Jaffna was a sign of understanding the value of FOSS software.

We wish all the participants a brighter future!

Hanthana Linux 14.5 is released!

Latest version of Hanthana Linux operating system, a milestone of the project, was officially released today, 10th January, 2011. The first awareness session regarding the release was successfully conducted at the headquarters of Police, Colombo with the precedence of Mr. W.F.U. Fernando, deputy of Police of the Information Technology Division.

Get Hanthana 14.5 today!

This release is a DVD version facilitating the users with a number of applications by default.  The applications inside the DVD will serve you with your office, graphics, multimedia, education, financial, electronics, games and computer programming needs. The capabilities of these software range from simple unit conversions to advanced system security systems and system management applications.

It is notable that documentation like installation guide and FAQ are already included in the Desktop for the convenience of the newbies. This documentation is also viewable via the Firefox web browser.

New features

Most featured and popular applications for audio and video editing such as Audacity, Pitivi, Me TV, RecordMyDesktop are included.

GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, Shotwell, Scribus, 2D CAD and QCad are there for graphics, photography and for other digital creations.

gPodder is there for you to download and manage your favourite podcasts.

For the convenience of the users Skype comes by default while TeamViewer will support you to control systems in remote making you life easy with remote desktop and remote system management needs.

For web development there is mysql database server, apache php and phpmyadmin included. IDEs such as Kompozer and Geany and NFS (Network File Sharing) will ensure that your work will be done with ease.

Not only the Firewall [1] but also SELinux [2] will safeguard your system from acts such as unauthorized access.

Hanthana Linux Screenshots

Hanthana Linux Launched

After what was more than a year of trials and experiments, Hanthana Linux completed its first phase recently. Now Hanthana Linux is available for everyone to download from the Internet. Those we are unable to download can request physical media from the Hanthana Community Media Contributors.

What is Hanthana? Who is it for?

Hanthana is a remix of the popular Linux distribution Fedora. Hanthana was built with the aim of easily fulfilling the needs of people who don’t have consistent Internet facilities, people with minimal computer experience, school students and teachers alike.

Hanthana include all the software, services and facilities you get from the standards Fedora system. In addition, Hanthana includes a number of software to cater your office, educational, multimedia and graphics needs. You can try all of these great features even before you install by using the Hanthana Live CD for generic PCs. Just pop the Hanthana Live CD in the tray, boot your system and enjoy.

Apart from the excellent set of features inherited from Fedora, Hanthana ships with a load of multimedia codecs. So MP3, other media types and VCD/DVD playback just works without any additional configuration. In short Hanthana will just work for all of your office, educational, multimedia, graphic and entertainment software needs!

The default desktop environment of Hanthana is the lightweight XFCE. This means that Hanthana will run well even in your under powered, old computers.

Better than all, Hanthana is brought to you free of charge and without any license restrictions. So you are free to share and redistribute Hanthana as much as you like. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

Hanthana Community

The Hanthana Linux Operating System is a 100% community based production. It’s main strength is the community who generously contribute their time and efforts in technical, documenting, artwork effort and in a lot of other ways. You are always welcome not only to use and benefit from Hanthana Linux, but also to join the community and be a part!

When you need any help with Hanthana Linux, support of only a click away. You can ask for help in the forum or join the chat at IRC channel #hanthana.

To learn more information about Hanthana and the community head on to the main web site now.