Hanthana Linux 21 (Sinharaja) is released!

11148201_10152864110953099_766673552_oHanthana Linux Project was founded in 2009 and we promote Free and Open Source Software among the community and also let them to contribute back. We are happy to announce our latest release Hanthana Linux 21 today.

This new release Hanthana Linux 21, is ship with several Desktop Enviroments such as Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Sugar and LXDE. There are several editions in Hanthana 21, for general usage (Hanthana 21 LiveDVD) , educational purpose you can use Hanthana 21 Edu and Hanthana 21 Dev can be use for Software Development purposes. For those who just use Office packages can download either Hanthana 21 Light) or Hanthana 21 Light2. Each of these editions comes with both i686 (32bit) and x86_64 (64bit) architectures and 10 ISO images available for download.

Download Hanthana 21 now! http://hanthana.org/download.php

Hanthana 21 release is named ‘Sinharaja’ after the well known tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka. UNESCO identifies Sinharaja as a World Heritage Site. It spans over 88.64sqkm and harbours high biological diversity. Hantana team thinks It is important to raise awareness on wealth of Sri Lankan wilderness so that the current release is dedicated to Sinharaja. The picture in the background is a plant species from Sinharaja Forest shot by Gauwrika Wijeratne.

Hats off to those who help us to release Hanthana 21 (Sinharaja)!.

We highly appreciate your feedback on Hanthana 21 release in order to make our next better suite for your requirements. Feel free to spread the word among your relatives and friends. Moreover you can conduct events in schools, universities, government and private organizations.


Document Freedom day – 2015


Have you ever felt so irritated for having so many different file types? Documents composed by one application cannot be opened from another.

I wish there were universal file types. You have surely wished at least for once in your life, specially if you’re a Geek.

There are about 1000+ file types and data transmitting protocols nowadays in computer field. We have a number of file types even for the same sort of applications. One common example would be that we have a number of different file types in text processing. Different file types are supported by different text processors. In some applications we can save the document in other formats (which is not the default for that particular application) as well, still in most of the cases we experience inconsistencies such as formatting issues when the same document is opened from another application.

It would be great, if we can have standard file types so that our lives would be much easier. Document Freedom Day is all about celebrating and making awareness of such open standards.

Document Freedom Day is the international day of Open Standards and happens every year on the last Wednesday of March. It is a day to come together and raise attention towards the ever growing importance of Open Standards for all aspects of our digital communication and information accessibility.



Lets make the idea more clear with a real life example,

You speak Sinhalese and I, myself is also a native Sinhalese speaker. When you’re expressing your ideas in Sinhala, I can understand it if you’re using the proper linguistic guide. Like every word should be a dictionary word, there should be spaces between words etc. When you are not using proper format, I can’t get the ideas. So you and me, we both agree on a format for communication. Same applies for the computer world.

We, Hanthana Linux encourage the Open Standards. Rather than keeping proprietary data formats that locks the user. We tend to use open file formats and open data sharing protocols (by open data sharing, we mean making the format open but not the data you’re sending).

People who are working on developing LibreOffice encourage the Open standard and all of their software and formats are built in such a way that they are compatible with Open . Isn’t it Standards.

You must be wondering, “How I am important?”. We need your voice to make it loud and clear. Speak alongside with the Open Standards. Data formats that can be freely implemented on any platform, any device and any service. It’s truly a something that will make you happy and at the same time will be of great importance to the society.

So no worries with sending important file to your *boss* and he complains you about he doesn’t have software to open it. No more market manipulation with those hidden standards. Lets make the world standards free. Join with Document Freedom Day – 2015.


To read more, visit – https://documentfreedom.org/about.en.html



Tuskers are animals who bear tusks which are elongated, continuously-growing, protruding teeth. Tusks take various shapes, sizes, colours and perform different functions. Ivory tusks have a unique colour and strength and therefore is in demand for carving. The most precious ivory is worn by African and Asian elephants.

DSC_4522 - Copy

A reason for why this great spices is in danger is that they have lost their natural habitats due to human activities. With the civilization of mankind they started clearing the forests for their cultivation and the rate today have become so high that most of the animals, including the elephants are in great danger of losing their habitats. Elephants tend to find food in the cultivations, an easier place to hunt for food than far away in the forest. Sometimes when the people are attached by the elephants, being angry, people tend to trap or shoot at the elephants which makes the issue worse. Construction of roads and railways across the natural habitats of animals to fulfill the transportation requirements of human beings has also contributed a lot for the drastic reduction in the number of elephants.


Both male and female African elephants wear tusks. Those are elongated incisor teeth. Ivory is in heavy demand for piano keys, religious icons, motifs, sculpture, statues and ornaments such as trinkets and amulets. Ivory carving industry is well-established in China. It is said the Chinese demand should be held responsible for endless poaching of elephants in Africa. Whether it is in Africa or Asia, elephants are an integral part of the habitat they live in; they modify their habitat upon their feeding behaviour. Elephants are tagged as forest engineers and their presence is essential for the survival of their own habitats.


Statistics says as many as 8% (36,000) African elephants are poached annually for ivory. Slaughtering is done in the most brutal manner. Spears or automatic weapons are used to kill the animals. Immobilizing chemicals too are used to freeze them. The poachers hack the tusks off, sometimes from the animals dying in pain! AK-47 rifles were used for the elephant massacre in Cameroon’s Bouba N’Djida National Park in 2012, where more than 300 elephants were slaughtered within just three months.

10 million elephant population in 1900 in Africa has been reduced to only 470,000 in 2007 which gives a clear sign of the pathetic situation the species is in.

Why do we need to bother about the issue? Poaching adult elephants results in orphaned young elephants. Healthy tusks usually belong to strong animals of the population. Removing dominant genes from an animal population makes the subsequent generations weaker than their previous generation. The presence of elephants in their habitats is a must for a balance ecosystem.


Tusker in the Asian context is different from Africa. Tuskers are all male animals, but not all Asian male elephants are tuskers. Yet the situation with the Asian elephants is of no difference to the African elephants. Population of 100,000 Asian elephants in 1900 has reduced to 40,000 to 50,000 in 2007. Sri Lanka has the highest elephant density among the Asian countries. But it is only less than 5% of the male animals bear majestic tusks in Sri Lanka.

Country’s elephant population was said to be about 12,000 at the turn of the 20th century but today it is reduced to 5000. Habitat loss, ever escalating human- elephant conflict, train accidents and poaching take the toll of about 250 elephants every year. Around 40 calves are found orphaned annually.


Sri Lanka, throughout the history of thousands of years has treated elephants as a symbol of tradition. Although they have a high value internationally as well, they are in the great danger of being extinction.

Awareness on this issue matters and it should be attempted through all possible means. Here’s a wonderful opportunity for the ICT community to play a role to raise awareness. You can help conserve your precious wildlife through discussions like ‘Hanthana Tusker release’. Remember, ivory is most beautiful only when they are worn by the elephants!


Credits: We highly appreciate the help rendered by Mr. Chandana Weeratunga and Dr. Deepani Jayantha by providing valuable photos and information.

Hanthana Linux 17 64bit Edition!

We are please to announce the 64-bit edition of the Hanthana Linux 17 today.

You can now download the Hanthana Linux x86_64 Live DVD ISO.

Hanthana Linux 17 (i386) released 3 weeks ago received overwhelming feedback from the existing and new users from all over the world with over 9000 downloads so far (over 15,000 altogether) and growing.

Many of our user were eagerly waiting for the 64-bit release, and we apologize for the delay in release. We hate to keep our community waiting but unavoidable technical challenges kept us from releasing this earlier.

You may find it hard to believe that Hanthana Linux released are build on personal laptop computer. And in Sri Lanka we are faced with less than 1Mbps internet connection speeds when uploading ISO files to the mirror servers.

Plans are underway to get a cloud based build server and we are in need of donations to get this project move forward.

Let us know if you willing donate a system with at least 3GB of RAM capacity, 50GB of Disk Space and root access to build next, release of Hanthana Linux. We will use this server only for build purpose.

Please contact us on info [at] hanthana [dot] org.
You generous donations are welcome!


හන්තානන ලිනක්ස් 17 LXDE සමඟින් LiveCD තැටියක් ලෙස

හන්තාන ලිනකස් පවුලට එක්වන අලුත්ම සාමාජිකයා වන හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 LXDE අද උදෑසන නිකුත් විය. අපගේ සාමාන්‍ය DVD සංස්කරණය මඟින් සියලුම මෘදුකාංග එකතුවක් සහ නවතම 3D අතුරුමුහුණතක් ඉදිරිපත් කරන අතර, අපේ අලුත්ම සාමාජිකයා වන LXDE සංස්කරණය මඟින් අවම බලයක් සහිත පරිගණක වලට උපරිම සහයත්, තමන්ගේ රුචිකත්වයට අනුව තෝරාගත හැකි මෘදුකාංග එකතුවක් මෙන්ම සරල භාවයත් ඔබට ලබා දේ.

හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 LXDE සංස්කරණය මෙම යොමුවෙන් ලබාගත හැකි අතර, ඔබට එය ස්ථාපනය කිරීමේ මගපෙන්වීම මෙම යොමුවෙන් බාගත හැකි ය.

හන්තාන සහ Fedora 17 හි අඩංගු සියලුම ගුණාංගයන් සමඟින් එන මෙම අලුත්ම හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 LXDE සංස්කරණයේ Mozilla FIrefox, LibreOfficeWriter, LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice Impress ඇතුලු තවත් බොහෝ මෘදුකාංග අඩංගු වන අතර මෙම සංස්කරණය ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමට ඉතාම ස්ථායී සහ අවම සම්පත් පරිභෝජනයක් සහිත LXDE අතුරු මුහුණත අඩංගු වේ. මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතිය භාවිතා කිරීමට ඉතාම ස්ථායී සහ අවම සම්පත් පරිභෝජනයක් සහිත LXDE අතුරු මුහුණත අඩංගු වේ. LXDE යනු විවෘත මෘදුකාංගයකි. එය ලිනුක්ස් අතුරුමුහුණතක් ලෙස භාවිතා කරන ඉතා අඩු සම්පත් සහිත පරිගණක වල ක්‍රියාත්මක වීමට විශේෂයෙන් නිපදවා ඇත. එසේම නවීන පරිගණක තාක්ෂණයන් ඉතාම කාර්යක්ෂම ලෙස හසුරුවීමේ හැකියාවක් පවතින බැවින්, මෙය නවීන 3D දෘඪාංග වල ඉතාම වේගවත්ව ක්‍රියාතමක වේ.

හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 (සිතිජ) සංස්කරණයට සමගාමීව හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් LiveCD සංස්කරණය ඉදිරිපත් කෙරුණ අතර, හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 සංස්කරණය 2012 සැප්තැම්බර් 15 වන දින නිකුත් කරන ලදි. හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 සංස්කරණයේ එළිදැක්වීමෙන් සතියක කාලයක් තුල 3000 කට අධික බාගත කිරීම් ප්‍රමාණයක් ලොව සිව් දෙසින් වාර්තා වූ අතර, මෙම සංස්කරණයට ඉතා ඉහළ ප්‍රතිචාර ලැබුණි. මෙමඟින් හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් සඳහා ලැබෙන ජාත්‍යන්තර පිළිගැනීම මොනවට හෙළ වේ. ශ්‍රීලාංකීය ලිනක්ස් සංස්කරණයක් වන හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් සඳහා ලොවපුරා දැවැන්ත ඉල්ලුමක් පවතින අතර, ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පාසල් පද්ධතිය තුල හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් භාවිතයේ විශාල වැඩි වීමක්ද පෙන්නුම් කරයි.

අවම පරිගණක සම්පත් හා අවම මෘදුකාංග ප්‍රමාණයක් සමඟ තම පරිගණකයේ ක්‍රියාකාරකම් ආරම්භ කොට තම රුචිකත්වය පරිදි තමන්ටම ආවේනික පරිගණක මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතියක් හා මෘදුකාංග එකතුවක් නිර්මාණය කිරීමේ අවශ්‍යතාවයන් සහිත අය සඳහා හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 LXDE සංස්කරණය ඉතාම ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වනු ඇත. මෙම සංස්කරණය තමන්ට අවශ්‍ය පරිදි වෙනස් කර ගැනීමේ ඉතා ඉහළ හැකියාවක් පවතී. එම නිසා පරිගණකයේ නියම නිදහස අත්විඳීමට කැමති අයට මෙම සංස්කරණය ඉතා උසස් මට්ටමේ සේවයක් සපයනු ඇත. පහතින් දැක්වෙන්නේ ඉතාම පහසුවෙන් අවශ්‍ය මෘදුකාංග ස්ථාපනය කිරමින් තමන්ට අවශ්‍ය ආකාරයේ මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතියක් නිර්මාණය කිරීමේ සරල උදාහරණයක් පමණි.

GIMP ස්ථාපනය කිරීම
# yum install gimp -y

VLC බහුමාධ්‍ය මෘදුකාංගය ස්ථාපනය කිරීම
# yum install vlc -y

මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතිය ස්ථාපනයෙන් පසු Gnome අතුරු මුහුණත ස්ථාපනය කිරීම
# yum groupinstall gnome-desktop -y

Sugar-desktop ස්ථාපනය කිරීම.
# yum groupinstall sugar-desktop -y
හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් x86_64, 64bit සංස්කරණය එළි දැක්වීමේ කටයුතු දැනටමත් සිදුවෙමින් පවතී. එම සංස්කරණය මීළඟ සතියේ ඉදිරිපත් කෙරෙනු ඇත.

හන්තාන 17 x86_64 නිකුතුව නිර්මාණය කළ පරිගනකයේ සිට අදාල සේවාදායක වෙත ගොනු පිටපත් කිරීමට ඇති තාක්ෂණික ගැටලුව නිසා එය නිකුත් කිරීම කල්දැමීමට සිදු විය. අපගේ හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් ගොනු සියල්ලක්ම cloud build system එකක ස්ථානගත කිරීමේ සැලසුම් සකස් කර ඇති අතර, මෙම සත්කාරය සඳහා, අවශ්‍ය පහසුකම් සැපයීමට අපි ඔබට ආරාධනා කරමු. ලොව පුරා ප්‍රචලිත වෙමින් පවතින අපේම ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය ලිනක්ස් සංස්කරණයේ ඉදිරිගමන වෙනුවෙන් ඔබගේ වටිනා කාලයෙන් බිඳක් වෙන් කොට, ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය පරිගණක ක්ෂේත්‍රයේ ඉදිරි ගමන වෙනුවෙන් දායකත්වයක් ලබා දෙන ලෙස අපි නැවතත් ඉල්ලමු.

හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් අලුත්ම සංස්කරණය ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමට නන්අයුරින් සහය දැක්වූ සියලුම අයටත්, හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් පරීශීලකයන්ටත්, හන්තාන ලිනක්ස් 17 i386 LiveDVD හි තත්වය පරීක්ෂා කළ ඔබ සැමටත් අපගේ හද පිරි ප්‍රණාමය පුද කිරීමටද අපි මෙය අවස්ථාවක් කර ගනිමු.


Hanthana Linux 17 LiveCD with LXDE!

Hanthana Linux LiveCD, the newest member of the Hanthana Linux family comes out today. While our regular DVD release a complete software repository and latest 3D accelerated desktop, LiveCD will cater the the needs of low resource requirements, personalized software selection and simplicity .

You can now download the Hanthana Linux i386 LiveCD ISO.
(you can refer our LiveDVD installation guide if you need a help)

LiveCD comes to you with all the goodness of Hanthana and Fedora version 17  including software such as  Mozilla FirefoxLibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice Impress and loads of more lightweight applications plus  LXDE. LXDE is an open source lightweight and customizable desktop environment for Linux, which is designed to work with older hardware however it also works perfectly well with modern 3D accelerated graphics hardware.

Hanthana Linux LiveCD version is launched in parallel to the Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) which was launched in 15th of September, 2012. Hanthana Linux 17 received overwhelming feedback from the users from all over the world including over 3000 downloads within the first week.

Hanthana Linux LiveCD is perfect for people who like to start up with a minimal system and configure and build it up to suit their needs. Following is a small list customization you can do.

Install GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
# yum install gimp -y

Install VLC (VideoLAN Client)
# yum install vlc -y

Install Gnome Desktop after installing the LiveCD.

# yum groupinstall gnome-desktop -y

Install sugar-desktop
# yum groupinstall sugar-desktop -y

Preparations are underway for the release of Hanthana Linux x86_64, and it will be available to download next week.

We had to delay the release of due to the issues we had with uploading the locally build ISO to our hosting service providers. We have plans to deploy a cloud build system for all Hanthana Linux products and we welcome anyone who can provide us with the necessary facilities or sponsorship.

Also we would like to make this an opportunity to thanks all the contributors and users of Hanthana Linux, specially those how reviewed  Hanthana Linux 17 i386 LiveDVD.

Hanthana Linux 17 LiveCD Sha256sum: 4c1d69cb53d6b4f7f6b7899e5f49e4495404c045542fcc7d403bb83b9866ac1f


Entering its 3rd year, the latest release : Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is available now!

Project began with the goals of Introducing and promoting Free and Open Source Software to the masses, especially to those with low technical knowledge, no access to the Internet or under privileged, and has now been deployed in a lot of schools, individuals, private sector offices, public sector institutes and government offices.

Hanthana Linux operating system was officially released on the 19th of September 2009 and by now the the number of copies distributed by the Hanthana Linux Project and individuals has counted up to the thousands. According to the SourceForge website, just one of the repositories that provides the distribution, there’s over 6000 downloads from all over the world. From those, at least 8 countries (excluding Sri Lanka) has downloaded a minimum of 100 copies and atleast 96 countries has at least one download.


This information excludes the local repository, LEARN, which is used by Sri Lankans as well as the Ibiblio repository.

The School Labs project which was inaugurated in 2012 by the Hanthana Linux project has already facilitated labs to 2 schools already and is planned to provide for more schools.

Schools in the Walapane educational zone of the Nuwara Eliya district and in the Kebithigollewa educational zone of the Anuradhapura district are next in this project and you too can join this project in facilitating IT knowledge to underprivileged school children in these areas.

Hanthana Linux is not just another Fedora respin. As a project it facilitates the deployment of Free and Open source Software amongst the everyday PC user as well as the localization of FOSS software,Documentation and provide training workshops as well.

Hanthana Linux is not a commercial product. Its a project for the betterment of the community by the community.

Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is released!

Hanthana Linux 17 (sithija), the latest release of Hanthana was released on the 3rd anniversary of the Hanthana Linux project. In addition to the host of applications, the new release has the official LibreOffice guide provided by the Document Foundation.
Get your copy of Hanthana Linux 17 today!

The Hanthana Linux project takes this moment to give our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who worked for the project as well as everyone who sent the project their best wishes. Thank You.

Hanthana School Labs in action!

While the initiative to provide computer labs for schools project is going forward as planned, a project to bring PCs in the classroom for primary schools was held as a pilot project was held at the Malalgoda Siriseewali Primary School. Invest a few moments of your precious time to see the feedback and opinions of the students, teaches and parents when Hanthana was provided for them for the very first time…

Proving the saying “Only the Best for the children”, Hanthana Linux was introduced to the school children of the Malalgoda Siriseewali Primary school which is located in the Habaraadoowa Educational zone of the Imadhoowa Provincial Council within the Galle District, on the 30th of January 2012.

This school had been closed down for around one year and was re opened on the 16th of January 2012 under the 1000 Schools initiative. The school comprises of 15 students, Grade 1 class teacher, an English teacher and the principal.

The opening was made possible entirely due to the work done by the locals and the parents, the majority of whom are estate workers and private sector employees. Another special point to highlight here is that a family, who’s father is a labourer and the mother employed as a house keeper abroad, donated the PC which was worth about 12000/- Rupees. Upon inquiring from the mother, she said that had her child had to go to another school (due to this school being closed down), they will have to spend 1200/- a month for three wheeler charges and it totals out to around 12000/- a year and rather than spending that amount just for travelling, she’s happy to spend it on a PC for her child as well as other children for the their education.

Far thinking parents of this schools, such as her, were instrumental in getting Hanthana Linux installed and help the primary education. Also need to highlight that other parents who labour during the day, spend sleepless nights dedicated on maintaining and repairing the school buildings and equipment. These villages personify “lead by example” from the sacrifices they make to educate their children.

On the first day Hanthana was used for the primary education several things of note took place. As there was only one PC, the multimedia projector of the Habaraaduwa Educational Zone Office was used in the class to illustrate the theories for the various subjects using the Educational Software Packages that comes with Hanthana Linux. Especially the “Identifying Colours” lesson. In contrast to other occasions, the children partook the lesson most enthusiastically and constantly requested their teacher to allow them to use these software by themselves. This bought many a happy tear to the eyes of the Director of Education for the Habaradoowa Educational Zone, who attended the occasion, as well to the principal and the parents who were present.

“I’m hungry.. I’m hungry…” the lunch time grumble that comes up everyday were not be heard on this day as the kids were so engrossed with computer aided lessons.

The teachers agreed that teaching subject concepts and theory using the educational software were extremely easy as opposed to other methods. Also even after the school time was over the children were still in class on this day.

As the students are the focal point in the educational system within the school, a single PC and multimedia projector is hardly sufficient. There should be at least a PC for every four students for this to properly work out. In areas such as these where the majority of the people are low income earners, the parents hardly has the capability to sponsor the required number of PCs and equipment. External sponsorship is highly important for cases like these.

A qualitative school education system helps the whole nation to grow. Therefore the Hanthana Community is committed to the task of building the school IT education using Hanthana Linux through the Hanthana School Labs Project.We hope that you’ll join us.

Come lets pave the way for these children to Sign in to the future…

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTN-6e0Sa_Q

Hanthana Session at Deyata Kirula, a success!

Free and Open Source Software awareness lecture series organized by ICTA and Hanthana Linux community in line with Deyata Kirula 2012 education and trade exhibition was conducted ICTA stall on 7th and 8th of February.

A gift from the ICTA

A lot of people participated at this event and the feedback was highly positive.

Participants consisted of students, teachers, parents and employees from the government and private sectors.

During the session, teachers got the chance to do a short lessons to their students using the education software in Hanthana Linux. At that point teachers were successful in getting used to the software during a short period of time of like 2 minutes and conducting the lesson to their students.

A school teacher (who visit the ICTA stall) conducting a small session on chemistry using Kalzium application to the audience

ICTA presented the students with prizes like shool bags and pens and refreshments were offered . Further, ICTA distrubuted the Hanthana Linux 15.5 LiveDVD free of charge.

Although it was scheduled to conduct only three sessions a day, a new session had to be started just after a session driven by the enthusiasm of the students and parents on Free and Open Source Software awareness lecture series.

Two winner of the TuxMath game (a mathematical game)

Information Technology Branch of Ministry of Education also in their stall introduced Free and Open Source Software for the second time throughout the exhibition.

Hanthana community pays the gratitude to Mr. Bandula Ranathunga who supported at the very first step to join Deyata Kirula exhibition, Ministry of Information Technology, team from ICTA, Mr. Athula Pushpakumara, Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya, Mr. Mahesh Kuragama,  Mr. Priyanka without whom this won’t be a reality and finally to Mr. Sujith Jayasooriya who coordinated and supported Hanthana community.


Discussing.. what is the answer?

No matter its day or night.. all the FOSS sessions flooded by the parents, kids, etc

Feel the freedom with Hanthana Linux @ Deyatakirula 2012

Hanthana Linux team, with the collaboration of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, is about to a conduct an awareness event on Free and Open Source Software and Hanthana Linux on 7th and 8th of February at “Deyata Kirula 2012″ Education and Trade exhibition which is held at Oyamaduwa, Anuradhapura in line with the 64th Independence Day. Lectures series which 100 people can participate at a time, opportunity to use free and open source software installed on computers and people will get the chance to get their queries answered.

Following topics will be covered in lecture series.

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Free and Open Source Software for education
  • Hanthana Linux project
  • Contribution for Free and Open Source Software
  • Free and Open Source Software launched and sponsored by ICTA

Get to know about Free and Open Source Software, visit ICTA stall at Deyata Kitula exhibition premises on 7th and 8th of February. Please be kind enough to spread the word to teachers and students of North Central Provincial area as well as to other who wish to visit the exhibition.

Apart from that Information Technology Unit of the Ministry of Education is about to conduct a awareness session of Free and Open Source Software in their stall.

For Deyata Kirula, Hanthana Linux 15.5 was released and ICTA has made arrangements to deliver a copy of the operating system for those who need at the exhibition premises. Visit this link to get the latest version. Danishka, Bandula, Kalhara and Hiranya  representing Hanthana Team will assist you in Deyata Kirula exhibition premises.